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Building a business application on Cloud using OrangeScape - Part 1

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Comment by Mani Doraisamy on April 9, 2010 at 3:52pm
Thanks for the feedback, Balaji. We are redoing these "how-to" videos. Will pass on your feedback to them.
Comment by Labsji on April 9, 2010 at 2:57pm
The same video embedded at has no full-screen view mode.
The embed hideously hides the youtube url too.

Now to the video itself...
The overall purpose of the tutorial is to be mentioned at the starting of the tutorial.
Each steps purpose is also to be explained ahead of each step and recaped at logical points along with the step(s) results.

Sound is a very important cue for making the tutorial effective. [ I know, if you record your voice it sucks, but with practice it gets better. Use sound tools like audacity to chop off Aha... and Uhs in the sound and mix it with the video.]

I've noticed in the live demo as well as in the video that Selecting 2-cells and doing a 'Define Name' action with clicking the 'Left Column' happens as second nature to you. But it is totally not-intuitive for me! If it is done as routine ritual, why not make it built-in/automatic?

The tutorial being first encounter for someone interested, it needs to be lot more warm and caring. By being interested, the person is indeed expressing warmth and love towards the product/the team. Why not reciprocate it?

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