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Using Mail Command in Action Perspective

Steps on how to configure and use Email using mail command in Action perspective

  1. Go to Actions in Studio
  2. Click on Insert Action and Click on Insert Command to Insert Mail Command
  3. Select Mail Command and on your right select properties tab to enter mail properties
  4. Default Mail Properties like To , From , CC , BCC, Subject, Body will be available
  5. Mail Properties can be Static / Dynamic based on the business Need

If You want to enter Static Content follow as said below
To =""

  • If you want to have a dynamic value in to address then

To =ToMailAddress  (Where ToMailAddress is the NamedCell you have in your model which holds the email address as dynamic value)

Subject =concatenate("Leave Request waiting for your approval - ",RequestID) - Where RequestID is your incremental number in your process/model, similarly content can also be in HTML

If the deployment server is GAE then Select File Tab in studio, select Properties under File Tab

Add GAE Preferences and give preference name, Application ID and Authentication with Default Sender Mail id. The mail id given in Default sender Mail id should be added in your deployed application appspot under GAE.

 Select the given GAE preferences from the deploy dialog under Preference Name and deploy the application.


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