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User Management => Edit User => Cancel Draft / Cancel throws error

In few of the recently created applications, in User Management, when you want to cancel your changes when editing the user details, On clicking "Cancel Draft" or "Cancel" button, the application throws error.




This is caused due to a problem in the action definition in User Model.  To solve this problem.

  1. Launch your application in the studio
  2. Open the User Model.
  3. Go to Actions Tab.
  4. Open "Cancel Draft" Action.
  5. Select the "CallParentAction" in the Action Sequence.
  6. In the Call Parent Properties, Change the Context CellName to "None".
  7. Save the model & deploy.


This problem will be solved in the next release to the Studio.

Note : 

   The fix will solve this problem, for newly created application after the next release.  For other applications, please follow the above steps to remove the problem.

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Comment by Anbarasan on May 30, 2013 at 10:21am

These changes will stop the error which occurs when clicking on Cancel / Cancel Draft.

If you are facing any errors when doing Save / Save Draft, please contact support with the corresponding logs, which you can get from the server, when you are doing that particular action.

Comment by Kamal.S on May 28, 2013 at 6:02pm


Is that, this fix only for "Cancel Draft" action alone? No need to do, any changes with other("Save Draft", "Save", and "Cancel") action buttons?

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