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To Capture User Log Information (Login Time, Logout Time, Viewed Models / Reports)

The following are the suggested ways to capture User Log Information:

* In change the following properties as mentioned as follows: location:(\\OrangeScape\Server\DimensionServer\server\default\deploy\A-dimension-portal.ear\portal-ejb.jar

log.user.paths=true (Approximate Line Number: 59)
' (Approximate Line Number: 981) (Approximate Line Number: 982) (Approximate Line Number: 983)

After making these changes, restart the server. Now the tables named User_, usertracker and usertrackerpath will start getting updated with the details such as

* Logout Time (modifieddate field in usertracker table)
* Reports and Model accessed (UserTrackerId and path fields from usertrackerpath table)
* Login Time (lastlogindate field in User_ table)

Note: These details will get updated in the above said tables, only after the session expires due to Signout or browser session expires due to long idle. Session will not expire if a user abnormally closes the browser without making Signout.

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