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By Default when you create an application, a set of models will be created and placed under the System folder.  Each model has its own functions and use in the application.  The models which will be there in the system folder are :




Global model has all details regarding the complete configuration details of the application, like Log level, authentication etc,.





As the name of the model suggests, the company related details will be stored.  By default the name of the company based on the email domain will be stored.  If you want to store any other information at the Company level, you can store them here.





All User related information like name, email, company etcetera will be stored in this model.  Like Company model, if you want to have any information at the user level, you can modify the model to that requirement.  

User model is connected to every other model in the application via the cells CreatedBy and ModifiedBy in the models





ProcessInstance holds the information regarding all the transaction that happens across the various processes in your models, like with whom the current process is pending, in what activity it is, if any sla is defined on that activity, etc.





ProcessAudit has a One-to-many relationship with ProcessInstance model and it'll capture the workflow information for every state transition.  Sort of like Process History, as what happened after what, and who did it information.  

By sorting for a particular ProcessInstance we can get sequence of the actions performed on that particular process, from which we can identify on a particular activity who performed and what was performed.





ReportPreference holds information regarding the configuration information related to the Reports which you define in the studio.  You define only the filters in the studio, rest of the configuration is done in Runtime, which is stored in the Report Preference Model.





This model can be used to manage roles / groups.  There are basically two types of subscriptions available in the system :


  •  primary user
  •  secondary user


When you want to assign a user to a group / role then you create user with name of the group / role, and add users to this role by subscribing the users as primary users to this user.  

If you want your users to have the facility of accessing records on behalf of another user, then you do so by subscribing the onbehalf of user as a secondary user to the other user.





All details regarding login and logout of a user like login & logout time are stored here in this model.  If you want to store and access information during only a particular user login session, you can use this model for that.



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