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Search-Criteria in RCall & ChildCall

Whenever you want to do certain things in another model other than the one you are currently in, you would be using RCall and ChildCall to achieve it.  RCall and ChildCall have a property called Search-Criteria to say on which records to perform the calling action.  

Previously you could write your search-criteria directly in the property field.  From now on you will have to use the CRITERIA() function to provide the search-criteria for these two action commands.
 Child Call with old method of 
mentioning Search-Criteria
   Child Call with Criteria() function 
in Search-Criteria
For the existing RCall and ChildCall search-criteria's you don't have to go about changing them.  They will continue to work, but you might want to change it to the new format of using CRITERIA() when you are making changes to the condition.

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Comment by Kamal.S on March 27, 2014 at 3:22pm

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