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Using Boomi Integration with OrangeScape

Welcome to Boomi Integration with OrangeScape

This blog outlines the steps to configure a Boomi integration process to create a record in the OrangeScape application and store the response in the local disk.
If you set up Boomi to store data on your local machine, it will create a response CSV file viewable in Microsoft Excel or any standard text editor.

Ensure that you have an OrangeScape application running on cloud. If you do not currently have any OrangeScape application on cloud, create an application from
 TRIAL STUDIO and deploy it on Google Cloud. For more details, please refer
 Learning Guide

Click ‘Create Component’ (Green color button) >> Select ‘Process’ (Drop Down box) >> Enter your Process Name (for example: ‘OrangeScape Process’) >> Click Create button (to create Process)

Collapse the Process Library folder until you reach the process: OrangeScape Process
Double-click the name to open the Process Builder tab that will display next to the Getting Started tab

Hover over the Start Shape on the white process canvas to display the configuration settings.Select ‘Web Services SOAP Client’ for connect OrangeScape Model.

CreateANewConnectionComponent• Enter WSDL Url (OrangeScape WSDL Url format: http://<appspot>/<application id>/1/<model id>/<activity id>/<model id>?wsdl)

Example WSDL URL: ""
• Enter SOAP Endpoint Url 
(OrangeScape WSDL Url format: http://<appspot>/<application id>/1/<model id>/<activity id>/<model id>?ws) 

Example SOAP Endpoint URL:

• Security Type (Select ‘Basic’ type for OrangeScape application)

• User (Enter User id for, to access your application. User Profile Type should be ‘Integration’)
• Password (Enter User id’s password)
For more details about Integration User Name and Password, please refer 

Import the operation from the created Connection.

Select Created connection and then click Next button.

It will show all the actions exposed from the application.

By default, OrangeScape application will expose two actions to the outside world.

     1. Update (Create/Update the unique record), and
     2. Submit (Create/Update & Submit the unique record).

Select ‘Update’ action to create a new record in the application, and then click Next.
It will show loaded Operation

Now your Update action configured successfully

Now you’re OrangeScape Connection and Operation configured fully

(Optional Step): This Step is not required if you do not want to deploy an atom to your local machine for testing.
• Hover over the Disk Connector step to display the configuration settings for the Disk Connector
• Highlight and Click on the My Local Disk link to open the Disk Connection component in a new tab
• Edit the local disk directory window to identify where you would like your CSV file to be stored
• Save & Close the component and Click on the OrangeScape Process tab to get back to the main Process canvas
• Target a disk directory on your local hard drive and remember the full directory path.
• Local Disk Connection: C:\LocalCSV

5: ExecuteATest

Run a Test by clicking button, located on right corner.

Once Test start execute, It will create a new record on OrangeScape application and response will capture and store it your local machine successfully.

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