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Model ReportPreference is not present

If you had created an application before April 1st 2011, When Creating reports using the Report feature in Studio, after deployment, in Runtime, you might face an ERROR stating "Model ReportPreference is not present". Applications created after April 1st 2011 will not face this problem


This is because, one of the new System Models ReportPreference is not present.  To solve this problem,.

  • Create a New Model and name it ReportPreference
  • Create the following 7 fields
    • PreferenceId
    • Global
    • GroupBy
    • Theme
    • Url
    • Chart
    • Measures
  • Set the Format for all the fields as Text, and for all fields Other than PreferenceId set the TextLength as 2000.

That's it, now deploy your application, and Reports should work.


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Comment by Kamal.S on March 27, 2014 at 3:11pm

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