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If a model contains a string parameter for which save in database property is set to be false then inbox search won't work for those models. It will throw error like..

Unknown column 'Error_msg' in 'where clause' (for MySQL)"
ORA-00904: "Error_msg": invalid identifier (for Oracle)
Invalid column name 'Error_msg' (for SQLServer)
The above errors may vary depends upon the database which you are using.

Applicable Releases: R2.4

Hot Fix Type: Mandatory (We recommend all customers to apply this fix)

Cause: Inbox search will not work.

Solution: The parameters which are not persisted are excluded from search query.

How to Apply the Hot Fix:

Download file from here

Extract the zip file which will have only one file called search.jsp
Replace the existing search.jsp file in the following path in the server. ...\Server2.4\DimensionServer\server\default\deploy\A-dimension-portal.ear\dimension.war\

Note: No need to restart the server for this change.

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