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Error on accessing RoleSubscription, RoleUsers status from worktop...

In the newly created application, when logging in as admin user, there will be a few items in the worktop.

 If you click on the number across Role Users, you will get an error similar to this.

RoleSubscription is related to approle model as one to many. All changes to this model, will be done via the AppRoles or the UserList activity in the work top or via the Manage This Application link. So you can safely remove the link by un-checking the Show in Work top check-box under Visibility in the RoleSubscription model.

This will remove stop the count from increasing in the work top entry. Now to stop RoleUsers option appearing entirely from the worktop.

  1. Go to the data viewer Manage This Application -> Data Viewer.
  2. Click the Metadata link.
  3. In the page that comes, check the System Params check box, choose Model Name in the dropdown and in the text box, type RoleSubscription (case sensitive)
  4. In the resulting data, copy the SheetId value.
  5. Go back to the Data Viewer Screen and click the ProcessInstance link.
  6. In the page that comes, check the System Params check box, choose InstanceMetadata in the dropdown and in the text box, paste the SheetId value which you had copied in step 
  7. Delete the resulting records.

This will solve the problem.

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