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After an application is deployed for the first time an environment, and when the first user logs in to the application, he will be presented with an option to upload the logo. You can either a logo at this point, or leave it.

For newly created applications, you can change the logo by going to the settings under Manage This Application.  But for the older applications (created before March 1st 2012), If you leave it, you will never be able to modify the logo directly from the application. Follow the below procedure to get the option to change the logo directly from the application.

  1. In the Studio, open Global Model.
  2. Goto HTML Forms View.
  3. Create a New Form with the Name LogoFix (LogoFix.jstl)
  4. Paste the JSTL code attached, and save it.
  5. Goto Process View.
  6. Choose the Start Activity and set the form for the activity as the LogoFix form.
  7. Save and Deploy.
  8. Now, login as administrator, and goto Manage your Application.
  9. Click on Settings.
  10. Here you will have the option to change the logo.

If the Settings Button in the User Management is disabled, follow the procedure to enable it.

  1. In Studio, open User model & goto Form Design.
  2. Select the form ManageApp.
  3. As you can see, there are two rows with the Settings button. One is disabled and the other is normal
  4. Click the grid with normal settings button, and goto permissions. under default hidden a condition will be there, set it as follows. 
  5. Click the grid with disabled settings button, and goto permissions. under default hidden a condition will be said, set it as follows. 
  6. Save and Deploy.
  7. Now you should be able to enter the Settings Screen.

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