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Displaying workflow audit log in 3.0

In a workflow process we might need to show the previous activity owners comments and the status to the current activity owner, We can say this as Audit Log or Notings. So you'll have a transaction model which has the workflow defined in it and AuditLog model to store the logging info with parent and child relationship as below.

Lets consider the following workflow as an example,

For getting the workflow status , we need to write the following DGET formula in WF_Status field in transactio model.


Note: ModifiedIn will trigger only when there's a change done in that activity.

After each activity we need to append the AuditLog with ModifiedBy, ModifiedAt, WF_Status and the Notings/Comments.

Action design for append command is as below.

Since we have matching fieldsnames in both parent and child we don't need to map fields explicitly in append action.Also to clear the comments/notings field for next user to enter comments, we need to check the option "Empty Values in Source Model".This action is called after each activity in the process design.

In the form design of this transaction we need to include the AuditLog child table

And in the runtime the output will be as below,

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