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When you are collaborating and developing an application in orangescape, when you want to upload a new theme, or you want to change the application properties or the application preferences for GAE, then you will have to contact the Owner of the application (if you are not one) to create / make changes.  To solve this problem, a new role called Application Administrator is being introduced.


Application Administrator can do all those actions that the Application Owner does in the studio, after launching the development Environment for that application.  What this means is, that Application Administrator,


  • Modify Application Properties
  • Modify Deployment Properties
  • Add / Modify / Delete Themes



  • Add Participating Company
  • Approve / Reject Application Subscription Requests
  • Remove Subscribed Developers

How to promote a developer to Application Administrator



In the studio Home page, click on the more link next to the application, to which you want to add administrator.Click on the Application Admin drop down and choose the person whom you want to make an administrator.



*You have to be the owner of the application to do this.

*An application can have only one administrator.

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