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Performance Monitoring in load testing environment or in Staging.

There are lot of performance monitoring tools which can be used with DimensioN. All these performance Monitoring tools takes lot of CPU and memory and hence cannot be used in production environment. These tools are ideally suited for load testing environment or in the staging.

One of the tools which doesn't cause too much overhead is "Managed Engine". Managed engine monitors various parameters like

1. Execution time
2. Connection Pool
3. JVM Usage
4. Total number of requests etc.

Please refer the following page for complete list of parameters

Performance Monitoring in Production Environment.

To Monitor DimensioN in production environment, we use JConsole which comes along with JDK 1.6, It monitors threads, jvm memory, GC, loaded classes etc.. It poses very little overhead and can be safely used in production.

To know more about jconsole please refer

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