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I had done an app and have it deployed in app engine.  i had deleted all records in the appengine datastore.  Now, when i tried to login to the application, i am getting a 500 Server Error.

I have attached the error log of the request from appengine logs.  Kindly help us solve this issue.

Note: I do not have any theme patch.


I tried to deploy to a new appspot.  but i am still getting the same error.  I have attached the logs for the same too.  

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Hi Anbu,

Clear the memcache before login.

After clearing memcache, while login into the application, check the value in the UserId column(in the User table using Appengine DataViewer).

Share UserId column value with us.

Hi Kamal,

I am not sure where MemCache comes into play, since i am facing the same problem in a new appspot, as i had already mentioned.  

I have cleared the memcache.  and then tried again. still i am facing the same problem.  find attached the screenshots


Hi Anbu,

While login, what is value in UserId column value in User table?

Hi Kamal,

as already mentioned, all records in the datastore has been deleted. There are no records in the Datastore.  The Datastore is empty, when trying to login.

I am not sure where to look for the User Table.  please guide me.

Hi Anbu,

Is it reproducing in the local appengine too?

Please schedule the session over webex to check the issue.

Yes the problem is reproducing in local too.  I will setup a webex and send you the details

Hi Kamal,

As discussed i have sent you the and the application package i had in local.


After changing the formula in UserId field of User Model, we are able to log in to the application.  Thanks


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