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New OrangeScape Build on
Build Number:102
Build Date :11 Jan 2012
Release Date:17 Jan 2012


What's new in Build 102:

This release is primarily focusing on productivity improvements in Studio.This also has small number of enhancements and bug fixes.
Features List:
1.OrangeScape Inspector
OrangeScape Inspector provides the information to debug the execution trace and application flow which includes performance log as well.It works based on the watchpoint and metrics configuration(which will be documented soon).

2.Flat model import using existing excel
We have added Flat model import using the existing spreadsheet from Design Dashboard.As of now this spread sheet based import will only consider the first sheet present in the spread sheet document.


Bug Fixes in Studio,

  1. In Report Design adding cell based filter hides other filters.
  2. Application rename through fie tab
  3. Adding participating company using more option(from the first screen).
  4. Studio Run(overall preview)
  5. save and tag is not working from Design Dashboard
  6. report rename validation in Report Design
  7. deployment error while deploying from newly created model(before saving it to server)
  8. save button not getting enable while adding web service properties
Bug Fixes in Runtime,
  1. Integration User with numbers only password for Webservice
  2. OR Condition support in DSEARCH & RCall (SQL app engine and enterprise only)
  3. Deactivating scheduler after removing the existing SLA from activity.
  4. IE field selection issue from float field

 Known Issues:

  1. schema sync  problem for open id(SQL Alchemy)
  2. date picker not getting popup in keyboard navigation
  3. Studio browser cache problem.(In firefox > 4.0)
  4. page navigation in advance search


For Google App Engine,use the below link to download the package,


For Enterprise,use the below link to download the war files,





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