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Record created via SLA is not showing anywhere in the application.

My requirement is as follows.  Every Week on Monday, for every transaction in an activity, i need child records to be created and sent in to workflow.  

I have an action for this requirement. I used New / Append Command to create the new child record.


When manually executing the action from the form in runtime, everything happens correctly.  new child is created, and is assigned to the correct person, and shows up in worktop.  

But when the same action is called via SLA, as per the logs, the record is getting created and all corresponding actions are executed.  But, the record is no where to be found.  It does not appear in the admin data viewer also.  On checking the appengine datastore, the record exists, with createdby and modifiedby as guest, and tenant as OS.  Even the corresponding ProcessInstance record has tenant as OS.

Because of this users are complaining of records not appearing in their queues, but receiving assignment intimation mail from the application.  Kindly help solve this issue.

I have attached the SLA log and the data from the DataStore viewer along with this.

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     i cleared all data from the model, and waited for one hour, and then i tried again.  Now it is working.  Will check again and confirm...

One doubt though, should i hard code the Tenant Value in Company Name for all Activities in the process?

Not needed just for start activity alone.


The problem is occurring again.  i have attached the log file of the sla execution.  I have set the Tenant Value for the start activity alone.  

Kindly help to solve the issue as it is happening in production.  Someone has to manually update the Tenant field for correct value in transaction and process instance , and the fields with rules, to get the records to show up in the application.


Is the child record is still in start activity or moved to some other activity.  when did the tenant value is getting changed?

Record is moved to the 2nd activity in the process flow.  

I have set the value of correct tenant to a field in when i create that record via the New Command, and I have that field assigned in the Tenant value for start activity in Process Flow Screen, as suggested.

Since the record is moved to 2nd activity, assign tenant value in 2nd activity  and not start activity


I think assigning to 2nd activity doesn't solve the problem, as when the record comes to 3rd activity the tenant is getting set again as "OS".  So i have set the Tenant value for all activities. Let me observe and let you know, if there are any other issues


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