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How to hide the menu from subscribed user, based on master data!?


     My requirement is, I want to restrict the user(subscribed user) from creating new request using menu.

     I have master data.

     Based on master data, User will get the menu, for create new request.

     To achieve this, I am 'subscribing / un-subscribing' the role for the logging-user using action.

     So, user 'will get the menu or will not get the menu' based on master data.


     I want to know the logic, without un-subscribing the role, how to hide the menu for the logging-user based on data(master)!?


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     Please share anyone about, how to handle this one?

     If, I have my master data in the user table(user record) means,

     Is that possible to hide/show the menu for logging-user!?


We will check and revert on this.


Please make use of roles for assigning each group of users.

This criteria of assigning users based on master data is not possible directly in the system. 


     My problem is, not in the 'role'/'subscription' based on master data.

     Currently, based on master data, auto subscription working properly.

     I need to show/hide the menu, even role subscribed by the user.

     Is that possible by writing script alone with existing menu code located on header.htm!?

     If yes, please share the code. So that, I will apply it, as a patch for runtime.

The only way to control the menu is using role subscription.

If you are ok with customizing your application, yourself, then you can configure a flag in user model then you can write your own custom code to display the menu items.


OK thanks


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