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I have three models. Two models are acting as a parent model (A and B) with (one to many relationships) Child model (third model C). Child records are created by Parent A. Those child records are displaying in Parent B form(1-m) gird, by updating Parent B id to child records. How to update child records in Parent B, in sequence (filling records in FIFO order)?

How to control updating child record in sequence?

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Are, you asking about

adding child to Parent B in a particular order?


is this batch process (updating via action) or manual input?

if manual entry of data, is it about the user filling in details for first child first, second child next .... like that?!

Those child records are already displaying in Parent B 1-to-m form gird, by updating Parent B id to child records, and, user giving input values manually.

After updating first child record only, we have to allow the user, to (should) update next child record.

And, Child records are displaying in proper order (Order by could be any unique business value).


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