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How to Clear my inbox search value after i log out from my session ?

I have created the queue with column based search implementation. I search for the text and then i log out. After i login using the same userid, my queue is getting filtered automatically with my previous text value ,because my search text box is having my previous text value,which i need to manually delete it every time after i search is completed. Is there any other way we can clear that search value after i log out from that session ?

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You cannot clear the search value from the search fields.  But Since you are asking for clearing them for every session, you can do it in a alternate way.  

  • You would have put your search fields in the User Model and would have referred them in  FilterData dialogue.  and would have given the fields in the UI for the user to enter search data.  Have them as such and create the same set of fields in UserLogin Model.  
  • UserLogin Model has a One to Many relationship with User Model.  Give these fields in UserLogin model, in the UI, for the user to enter search data.  
  • use DGET() to get the field values to the corresponding fields in User Model from the fields in UserLogin model, and use them in FilterData dialogue.  

That's it.  

Everytime, a user logs in a new record will be created in UserLogin model and added as a child to User Model.  and when he logs out, the required information are updated in the current UserLogin model record and then the connection between the User and UserLogin model will be removed.  So everytime a user logs in, he will have his search fields empty.

If we create same search fields in UserLoginModel then we have to use dconcatenate.and fetch them in user model using DCONCATENATE and then use them as search parameters.but I tried it.It does not clear fields in new session.


If you notice the second bullet point of reply by anbarasan, "Give these fields in UserLogin model, in the UI, for the user to enter search data." So recheck whether you have the same implementation as he suggested. Use the fields created in Userloginmodel for searching the data.

Check this out and revert back.

In queue the region outside the current model belong to User model.We can just give fields there which are from User model.And If we create same search parameters in userloginmodel and fetch them in user model we have to use DCONCATENATE as Userloginmodel is child of User model.


To include the field in UserLoginModel in queue of your transaction model use many to one relationship of UserLoginModel (UserLoginModel with refererence field UserLoginModel) and display the search field in queue.

Hi Santhosh,

I got it whatever you explained.But in filter data in process for particular activity we give User model fields in RHS side


For that you need to write a dget in user model to fetch the value from userloginmodel and then give that dget field in user model as the filter data

Hi ,

You explained me to give search parameters of child model(UserLoginModel) in queue using many to one.then they appear as label.Not textboxes to enter data for searching.

Also if i give fields of UserLoginModel for search in queue and then use dget in User model to fetch those values in user model to use in filter data.

DGET is used to fetch values from parent can I fetch Values from child model using DGET?

Also i am already fetching fields from User model to Userloginmodel.Then again in filter i need to fetch form userloginmodle to user model.?

My requirement is

I have search parameters now from user model.And they are retaining values when I go for other transaction.I have tried all waht you explained but above are the issues.


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