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Can you provide a sample on how to create a model using JSON import functionality in Design view.

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Json import is in beta version, it support only parameter definition with a default form.

check the below sample json, which creates a PurchaseOrder model with a 2 column layout form

"PurchaseOrder": {
  "Layout": 2, //options default is 3
  "Fields": {
    "Customer_Name": {
    "Category": "Text",
    "Format": "Text",
    "Caption":"Enter the Name",
   "PO_Amount": {
    "Category": "Number",
    "Format": "###.##"
    "Priority": {
    "Category": "Text",
    "Format": "Text",
    "PO_Date": {
    "Category": "Date",
    "Format": "dd/mm/yyyy"


Hi Vivek,

When creating with this JSON the fields are getting created.  But for date fields, in runtime, the month part is displayed as zero.  After i manually set the format once again from studio, it comes up properly.


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