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By Default Display All Data in report when using a Cell with static list as filter

I have done a report with a filter. (ref: attachment filter.png)  The RHS field "Associate Status" is a field in User Model, which has a static list.  


After deploying, when i open the report, when the drop down status is "None" no data is displayed. (ref: attachment report.png).   When i select a particular value from the drop down, the data is filtered with the selected value.


How to make the report to display all data when no value is selected ?

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Cell based filter are mandatory by default, make use of UserInput filter to achieve your requirement.

I do understand it is a static list, you have to customize the report.filter.jstl to achieve static list via UserInput.

Making the filter as UserInput is fine in this case.

But, when there are other filter types for a report, the UI is ugly.  The UserInput comes at the top with the Run button, and for the other filter types, i have to configure in the Queue.  

Also, Won't making changes in report.filter.jstl affect all reports having filters?  

Is it possible to customize it in such a way that the changes take effect for only a particular report?


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