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How to display by default all data in queue when using a Cell with static list as filter ?

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Selva, Please explain your exact scenario..

Can you explain me, how to do filter data in queue using static list ?

Hi Selva,

Create a field(Static List) in the 'User' model and assign it to the Queue filter.

Hi Kamal,

  I did, its working for selected value.

  But i need to display all data if "None" is selected in dropdown ?

Hi Kamal,

  Any update on this issue ?

Hi Kamal,

    After setting the field with static list in User in the Queue filter, what should happen when no value is selected?

Hi Kamal,

    Any update on this issue?

Can any one explain how to achieve this?

Hi Selva & Anbu,

In the Queue filter, we have the  option called 'Allow Null Value'.

Please check the allow null value checkbox.

If you pass NULL(blank) as filter value, it will skip the filter and it will show all the records in the Queue.

The text give there is "Don't allow None in the Filter Values. "  little confusing. 

Its working now. 


Yeah,  Though the option says "Don't Allow None in Filter Values", once enabled it allows "None".  it would be helpful if the label should read "Allow None in Filter Values".


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