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Hello Everyone,

There is a major change in the OrangeScape Studio/Server in the next build which needs a migration of the existing applications. The migration is to be made both on the Studio (for metadata) as well as the Runtime (for data). This does not reflect to the new applications being built.   

The major change brings around an improved, easy to configure multi-tenancy support for applications built using OrangeScape. It also solves some of the problems like Inbox Pagination/Count. In the migration some new system models need to be created along with some new system parameters. Some processes are automated and some need to be done manually by the developers.


What do you have to do?

If you want your application to be migrated please do reply to this thread along with your Application Name & ApplicationID before 24/6/2011. 


Also please do mention the Appspot you are currently running your application upon. If you have a Mission Critical Application and you do not want to migrate, then there shall be an option to continue in an older build, but you shall not get access to the new features until you perform the migration.



Engineering @ OrangeScape


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Hi Adhi, Please include Astrazeneca for your migration plan!

Application Name : PromAZe

ApplicationID : Application_6182a891_3a51_11e0_8697_3f6b7004e6fa



Hi Adhi,

When can we expect the application migration, eagerly awaiting the upcoming launch!



Also include FIC applications

1. Customer Service - Application_d7582880_043a_11e0_8456_832feff15d13

2. Employee Service - Application_596f2c94_17eb_11e0_8ace_27498af0cf8a

3. Operations - Application_c9d4c278_40e0_11e0_86b0_cbbfa2a309da





Refer this link for migration details for new build.


When Migrating, If you get the below error, then do the following.


Open ProcessAudit Model and check if there is a field called InstanceActivity.  This field should be reference field to Activity model.   If not then create the field in ProcessAudit model, and make it as a reference to Activity model. (make sure that Connect as Parent is checked)

Hi Everyone,

At last we have planned to move the build to by coming wednesday(21/09/2011)

once the build is uploaded into, please make use of the Migrate and Launch option which will be available for every application you own.






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