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* What is cloud computing? * SaaS, PaaS and IaaS models * Introducing OrangeScape Getting started with OrangeScape * Understanding system requirements * Getting accounts on OrangeScape Trial Studio and Google App Engine * Creating an application on OrangeScape Trial Studio * Creating an application on Google App Engine * Having fun till things don't work! Knowing just enough about OrangeScape * A brief tour of OrangeScape Trial Studio * Developing applications the OrangeScape way * Deploying an application on Google App Engine from Studio * Exploring the template application deployed on Google App Engine * Introducing the example “online custom tee design” application OrangeScape Essentials Design Perspective * Introduction to data modeling * Data modeling - Example application * Exploring design perspective * Creating folders to organize your data models * Creating a new data model, adding parameters and saving your model * Understanding relationships * Establishing relationships between models * Trying your hand at creating a data model - An exercise * Things to remember - Design perspective Rules Perspective * Writing business rules * Exploring rules perspective * Creating public cells * Styles & Alignment * Making models visible * Visualization * Saving your model * Creating static lists * Connect as reference * Connect with criteria * Connect as formula reference * Functions and Business Rules Forms Perspective * User interface design * Exploring form design perspective * Application properties * Form design - Applying styles * Creating your own styles * Performing validations * Defining messages * Specifying permissions * Creating a simple form * Creating a new form * Working with form grids * Adding form elements * Performing form field validations * Previewing forms * Renaming Forms * Setting user access privileges * Implementing queue filter * Adding form to menus * Deploying category form * Creating a parent-child form * Creating product form * Adding product colour child to the product form * Adding product size child to the form * Creating process flow for product *Implementing queue filter * Adding buttons to invoke actions * Deploying product form * Designing forms depending on workflow process * Creating Order form Process Perspective * Understanding and defining a workflow * Reviewing the process flow of the deployed template application * Exploring process design perspective * Establishing workflows for order process - An exercise Actions Perspective * Activity Vs Action * Reviewing the actions in the template application * Exploring action design perspective * Defining the actions for order process * Adding actions to order forms * Specifying permissions * Deploying order forms Runtime Features * Understanding users and roles * Built-in user management and other administrator screens * First time login * Configuring users and user roles - Example application * Validating the deployed application * Customer form and process * Category form and process * Product form and process * Order forms and process Reports Perspective * Need for reports * Exploring reports perspective * Creating a simple report * Using "User Input" filter * Using "Master Lookup" filter * Using multiple filters * Using "Formula" filter * Report configuration - Admin * Using "Cell" filter * Using "Value" filter HTML Forms Perspective * Exploring HTML forms perspective * Custom category form * Custom customer form * Custom product form * Adding custom forms to menus OrangeScape Advanced Features Getting your application out there - Implementation * Running applications - Where & How? * Integrating applications Stop getting up to speed and speed things up * Understanding system models - What, Why, How? * Leveraging web services OrangeScape Best Practices Knowing the best ways to design/implement * A quick recap * Development Guidelines * Performance considerations * Troubleshooting performance Home About This Learning Guide The gadget spec URL could not be found Whether you want to learn about OrangeScape or you’re simply looking to get the job done effectively, this learning guide has something for you. The learning guide has been divided into four parts. Part I provides a general introduction to cloud computing, orientation about OrangeScape, its development environment and application development process. It helps you get acquainted and get started with OrangeScape. Part II concentrates on OrangeScape studio, devoting a separate chapter for each of the studio perspectives. It helps you get up to speed with OrangeScape essentials and build an application from scratch. Part III familiarizes you with the implementation options and, additionally, helps you hone your OrangeScape skills to the next level by exploring advanced features. Part IV concludes our exploration of OrangeScape by detailing the guidelines and best practices for designing and developing applications using OrangeScape. It also covers everything (features) that has not been covered in the earlier sections. This learning guide has been structured in such a way that new users can gain OrangeScape literacy by following a logical progression from Part I through to Part IV and, at the same time, early adopters can jump in, get the information that they need, and jump out. It must be noted that this guide is not a complete reference book as it covers only those topics that are absolutely essential for building and managing applications using OrangeScape. OrangeScape Application Gallery Preview some sample applications built using OrangeScape



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How to display Double byte characters for Label 1 Reply

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user import fails with import failed error 11 Replies

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How to enable Custom Authentication Plugin 1 Reply

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Role Sync not happening when deployed with theme patch 5 Replies

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By Default Display All Data in queue when using filter 11 Replies

Started by Selva Boopathy in Studio (Release 3.0 & Above). Last reply by Anbarasan Dec 17, 2013.

Unable to login after clearing datastore 8 Replies

Started by Anbarasan in Studio (Release 3.0 & Above). Last reply by Anbarasan Dec 2, 2013.

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